What is cPanel?

cPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based web hosting control panels, displaying key metrics about your server’s performance and allowing you to access a range of modules including Files, Preferences, Databases, Web Applications, Domains, Metrics, Security, Software, Advanced and Email modules.

There are a lot of cPanel types because every hosting provider is different.

How To Access Your cPanel Dashboard?

Assuming your host uses cPanel, your host should provide you with a direct link to access cPanel somewhere in your welcome emails. But if you can’t find that link, here’s a shortcut to access your site’s cPanel dashboard:

  1. http://yourdomain.com/cpanel
  2. http://yourdomain.com:2082
  3. https://www.yoursite.com:2083

Where cPanel information?

You should have received your cPanel username and password from your hosting provider, usually in the set of welcome emails you received immediately after signing up.

If you can’t find your username and password, we recommend contacting your host’s support for help as the process to find that information varies between hosts.

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