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Blurry Featured Images or Couldn’t Load

After installing the theme you may face with this issue: Images are blurry and could not load correct. This issue may due to there have another plugin (Jetpack) has added […]

Quickly Translate Theme

In order to you would like quicky translate the theme without using 3rd plugins or the .PO file. Follow the steps below Navigate to Theme Options > Theme Translation Find […]

How are featured images cropped?

According to the standard, All featured images are crop “center center”. Center top cutting will work best with a huge variety of pictures, especially if it has humans, the head […]

How to get attachment image URL?

The theme requests to input attachment URL when working with Ruby Composer and other settings that relate to background and images. To get this info, follow the steps below: Navigate […]

Are You Sure You Want to Do This?

While installing your theme through WordPress admin, you may encounter this error message. This is most likely due to your hosting php.ini configs. The theme file is around 3mb and […]

Problems with SSL?

If you have problems with SSL: Images cannot display, mixed content layouts. Install the SSL Plugin: You can try to use the plugin below to fix it:

How to Create a New Instagram Access Token?

In order to display your Instagram photos on your website, you are required to provide an Instagram Access Token. There are two ways to get it: Follow the steps in […]

How to Translate the Theme?

In order to you would like to translate this theme into your language, there are several ways to do this. Setting the Default Language of WordPress Change. the default language […]

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