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How to find Tags Slug?

In order to you would like to use the tags slug filter of Page builders. In this article, we will share how to find this information. To getting started, follow […]

How to Add Google Analytics

According to the standard of WordPress requirement, Google Analytics belongs to the plugin territory. In this article, we will share how to install and setup Google analytics for Pixwell or […]

Ruby Icon ClassName

In order to you would like to find theme icons class name, Please refer:  

How to Host Google Font Locally

In case you would like to host all Google fonts of the website to ensure the site totally compatible with GDPR law. To getting started, Follow the steps below: Install […]

How to Enable and Disable Breadcrumb

Breadcrumb navigation is a tool that shows every section you enter. example, it could look like: -> Category-> Post The theme supports Breadcrumb NavXT and SEO Yoast Breadcrumb. Breadcrumb […]

Blurry Featured Images or Couldn’t Load

After installing the theme you may face with this issue: Images are blurry and could not load correct. This issue may due to there have another plugin (Jetpack) has added […]

Quickly Translate Theme

In order to you would like quicky translate the theme without using 3rd plugins or the .PO file. Follow the steps below Navigate to Theme Options > Theme Translation Find […]

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