Category: Home & Page Builders

MC4WP Form Structure

Mailchimp for WordPress (MC4WP) is the best free Mailchimp plugin for WordPress. The theme supports layout for this plugin, That helps you to display the nicely subscribe form in frontpage […]

Elementor Builder

What is Elementor? The theme is most compatible With Elementor, this is the best builder for WordPress with more than 2 million active users. Pixwell supports all layout for this […]

Blog pagination with Ruby Composer

Pixwell supports a section at the end of the composer. That allows you to display the latest blog listing with standard pagination as a blog post website. To getting started, […]

Get a Homepage

You can easily turn your blog into a website, with a static homepage that people will land on every time they arrive. We recommend you can use “Ruby Composer” to […]

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