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Setting up and testing AMP for WordPress

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source initiative to make websites of all kinds more accessible on smartphones and tablets. The theme support AMP in Reader Mode and for […]

How to Create a Your Own Meta?

The theme comes with the custom meta feature. That allows you to create your own meta label and display in the blog post listings or single post ie: 35 min […]

How to Create a Gallery Post Type?

The theme supports custom gallery post type that allows you to show an array of images with the lightbox popup effect. To getting started, Follow the steps below: Navigate to […]

Adding a Recipe

The theme supports styling for the Cooked plugin, This plugin allows you to create a recipe. It’s useful for the food or recipe blog and magazine. To getting started, follow […]

Set Featured Image

When creating a post, WordPress requests you to set a featured image. To getting started, follow the steps below: Navigate to the Post Editor panel in the dashboard. Refer to […]

Post Settings & Layouts

The theme supports two different ways for you can customize the single post: Global Options These options will be applied to all posts. To get started, navigate to Your Dashboard […]

Related Box Shortcode

Related box is a shortcode that allows you to add a section(to show related posts) into the post content. To create a box, Please input is as below: [rb_related title="You […]

How to Config Your Category?

You have 2 types of options for a category in the theme: Global Options: it will apply to all categories. Individual Category Options: you can set up options for a […]

How to Create a Category?

WordPress categories are a very convenient way to organize your posts. You can have parent and child categories making the hierarchical arrangement of your posts possible. To create a category, […]

How to Set a Primary Category for a Post?

It is useful in case you have posts with a lot of categories and you want to display only one in listings. To get started, follow the steps below: Navigate […]

Editing the Author Card Box

The Author card box is a section that appears on the author page and at the end of single post pages. Author box will automatically display as default if you […]

How to Config Entry Meta Info in Single Post?

Pixwell provides an option that allows you to sort order and enable/disable any entry meta info in single post pages: author name, date post, comments, views… To getting started, follow […]

How to Create a Review Post?

Review feature allows you to create review posts using a system based on the score so you can easily create product reviews for your website. To create a review post, […]

How to Create a Gallery Post?

Pixwell supports the gallery post format. It is perfect if you want to show a gallery grid or slider at the top of your post. Available gallery types that the […]

How to Create an Audio Post?

Pixwell supports audio post format. It’s perfect if you have an audio and you want to replace the featured image and show it at the top of your post. Available […]

How to Create a Video Post?

Pixwell supports video post format. It’s perfect if you have a video and you want to replace the featured image and show it at the top of your post. Available […]

How to Enable or Disable Comments?

To getting started, follow the steps below: Navigate to Posts > All Posts Select the post you want to edit. then click on the “Quick Edit” link. To disable comments, […]

How to Create a New Post?

Creating a Post Pixwell supports 4 WordPress native post formats. Each format supports various post templates for you can an amazing post, it has it’s own custom fields (except Standard) […]

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