How to Setup Read It Later?

Unique feature and only available in the theme. That allows your viewers to bookmark interesting posts and read it later.

To setup read it later, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Page > Add New, then create a page for your visitors can access and view their bookmarks.
  2. Input your page title for example: My Bookmarks or whatever you wish.
  3. Select Read it Later under the template option.
  4. Navigate to Theme Options > Read it Later Settings.
  5. Assign the page you just created into the “Read it Later Page” option.
  6. Ensure the “Read it Later” option is enabled.
To disable this feature, You can turn this option off.

Enable the Read it later icon for a Module

The theme allows you to enable this icon per module. To getting started:

  1. Navigate to Theme Options > Modules Design
  2. Select a module you would like, then enable the “Read it Later” button.

Refer to this article for further information.

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