How to Display Deal & Coupon Listing on Homepage

The deal & coupon listing is created by shortcode. so you can put it anywhere you wish via rb_deals shortcode.

To display a deal & coupon listing on Homepage, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Pages > Edit Homepage.
  2. In the FullWidth section, select Raw HTML – Shortcodes to create a new block.
  3. Then input the shortcode is as below:  [rb_deals]
  4. Updating the page to save your changes.

Shortcode Parameters

rb_deals shortcode supports params allow you to filter category, total posts to show…

  • term_slugs – categories slug to show, separated by commas, for example: phone. laptop 
    [rb_deals term_slugs="phone"]
  • post_not_in – use deal post ids. Specify deal NOT to retrieve.
    [rb_deals post_not_in="1,2,3"]
  • post_in – use deal post ids. Specify posts to retrieve.
    [rb_deals post_in="1,2,4"]
  • author – use author id.
    [rb_deals author="1"]
  • total – total deal posts to show.
    [rb_deals total="4"]
  • columns – columns of the listing layout. Allow values: 2,3,4
    [rb_deals columns="4"]

You can combine those params to fit what you need. For example:

[rb_deals term_slugs="phone" total="4" columns="4"]

How to find a category plug.

To find this information, Navigate to Deals > Deal Categories. Then refer to the screenshot below.

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