How to Create a New Post?

Creating a Post

Pixwell supports 4 WordPress native post formats. Each format supports various post templates for you can an amazing post, it has it’s own custom fields (except Standard) for simple content making:

  1. Default post format with featured image.
  2. Video post format.
  3. Audio Post format.
  4. Gallery Post format.

To create a new post, Navigate to Posts > Add New.

Further information from WordPress codex: Posts Screen

Post featured images

Pixwell requests featured images for posts. It is used by all blocks and layouts to display layouts whole the website.

Set featured images

To add featured images for posts, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Post > Add New.
  2. At the right of the screen, click on “set featured image” to set featured image.

Customizing posts

You have two different way to customize your posts:

Global settings

These options will be applied to all posts. To get started, navigate to Your Dashboard > Pixwell > Single Post Settings. You will find all the options of posts in these panels.


Individual post settings

These options will be applied to the current post. This is panel is located at the bottom of the editor page.

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