Covid-19 Static Shortcode

Update: almost all Covid-19 tracking APIs are no longer supported, so we must to switch to manually input method. Below is the new update of the shortcode.

Covid Static is a shortcode that allows you to track the global coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2).

To create a coronavirus tracker, Please input is as below:

[rb_covid  countries_label='All Countries, United States, Italy' death="3041764,988197,199414" confirmed="211167,56259,26977"]

Shortcode params:

  • countries_label: Allows you to input the title label, example: All Countries, United States, Italy
  • columns: Input columns number corresponding to the countries number displayed, the default value: 3
  • confirmed: Input the confirmed values, example: 211167,56259,26977
  • death: Input the death values, example: 3041764,988197,199414

Full shortcode example:

[rb_covid countries_label='All Countries, United States, Italy' columns='3' death="3041764,988197,199414" confirmed="211167,56259,26977"]

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